XVth International Symposium on Cholinergic Mechanisms

The XVth ISCM is over!

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Proceedings of the XVth ISCM are published as a Special Issue of J. Neurochem. printed in August 2017 - Have a look at the dedicated section in the left menu (or here)!

The XVIth ISCM is announced!

It will be held in Rehovot, Israel, during the week starting on Sunday, December 8th, 2019, at the Weizmann Institute’s Lopatie Conference Center.

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The first International Symposium on Cholinergic Mechanisms (ISCM) was organized by Edith Heilbronn and took place in Skokloster, Sweden, in 1970. The latest ISCM was organized by Karl Tsim and Yong-Sheng Fan and took place in Hangzhou, China, in 2013. In between, twelve symposiums have been held on a very regular basis (see below) and attracted significant numbers of participants from all over the world. The principal objective of these ISCMs has been to survey progress in the understanding of the molecular, cellular, pharmacological, toxicological, behavioral and clinical aspects of the cholinergic system, and to bring fundamental and applied scientists together to openly and critically exchange and discuss a broad spectrum of study models and create and/or consolidate collaboration and friendship. It has also been a tradition to publish proceedings, aimed at providing a comprehensive picture of the cholinergic field at the time of the symposium.

(Skokloster, Sweden, 1970; Boldern, Switzerland, 1974; La Jolla, USA, 1977; Florence, Italy, 1980; Oglebay Park, USA, 1983; Buxton, UK, 1986; Lidingo, Sweeden 1989; Ste Adele, Canada, 1992; Mainz, Germany, 1995; Arcachon, France, 1998; StMoritz, Switzerland, 2002; Alicante, Spain, 2005; Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, 2008; Hangzhou, China, 2013)

The fifteenth symposium is now scheduled for taking place in the 2600 years old town of Marseille, France, in the early fall of 2016 (October 16-20). Marseille, designated European Capital of Culture in 2013, offers a range of convenient places for hosting conferences of various sizes and their participants. It is at a little more than 3 hr from Paris by the fast TGV train and than 1 hr by plane; it hosts an international airport for regular and low cost flights from many places in European and neighboring countries; and it is a nice pivot point for exploring the famous French southern and western regions.

We hope that all the ingredients will be brought together to make the XVth ISCM still another successful symposium, and will be looking forward to hearing from your anticipated interest in attending this event in 2016!

Contact : iscm@afmb.univ-mrs.fr

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