To encourage discussions and cross-fertilization and avoid topics being solely categorized in terms of cholinergic proteins/drug targets, the FOC and IAB members agreed on proposing "thematic sessions", such as:

  • Higher brain functions / nicotinic and muscarinic modulation
  • Neurodegenerative diseases, development, neurogenesis
  • Brain: cholinergic circuits, optogenetic stimulation of cholinergic neurons
  • Inflammation / non-neuronal cholinergic systems (parts 1 and 2 on same day)
  • Genetics: human, animal models, polymorphism, evolution, epigenetics
  • Supramolecular organization of the synapse
  • Neuromuscular junction and motoneuron: development, diseases and therapeutic strategies
  • Nicotine addiction and tobacco abuse
  • Pharmacology, modulators, toxins, drug design, therapeutic agents (parts 1 and 2 on different days)
  • Structure-dynamics-function relationships of cholinergic proteins (parts 1 and 2 on different days)
  • Allostery in cholinergic receptors and enzymes
  • Exposure to organophosphorus pesticides and nerve agents

To better coordinate future research, meetings, and outreach activities we will have a roundtable on:

  • Societal and funding issues associated with cholinergic neurotransmission

To promote our young cholinergikers we will have two Award Sessions dedicated to (very) short presentations by

  • the B.P. Doctor Memorial Travel Award laureates
  • the ISN/IBRO-PERC and Lee'sPharm/WahKin Young Investigator Poster Prize laureates 

And to make sure that everyone has an opportunity for presenting his/her work we will have 2 main Poster Sessions, preceded by Poster Highlights Sessions with (again: very) short presentations


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